About us

The Meaning Center Institute was started by a couple Dr. Paul T.P Wong and his wife Lilian C.J Wong. They are both trained professionals who attained their PhD before starting the organisation. The concept of relationship oriented therapy was there primary focus. Dr Paul is the president of the Meaning Center organisation. He has been registered with the College of Psychologists of Ontario as a clinical psychologist. He is also a fellow president of the International Network of Personnel Meaning.

Dr. Paul

On the other hand, the vice-president of the institute is Dr. Lilian. She has specialised in psycho educational consultancy and being a school psychologist in Ontario. She has more than twenty years of experience working alongside children and teenagers. For the last few years she has specialised in private practices by handling families, children, and adolescents. There are various therapies that she likes to try with her patients including cognitive behavioural therapy, play therapy, and meaning centred therapy.

Overall, our team of experts are the ones that make it possible to successfully heal patients and make them feel loved. So if you or our child needs some help figuring out your feelings then make it a point to get in touch with us.